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Ladki Ka Viral Video: The girl made such a mistake while plucking the jackfruit from the tree that she had to pay a big price for it. She got such punishment that tears came out. You too will be forced to laugh after watching the video.

Ladki Ka Video: Some new things are often seen in the internet world. In the case of videos, there is more than one example of creativity to be seen. Meanwhile, such funny videos also go viral, seeing which people get bloated with laughter. One such funny video is making a splash on social media.

When the girls reached to pluck the jackfruit

A video has surfaced on social media, in which two girls are trying to break the jackfruit. Meanwhile, such a ‘scandal’ happens with one of these girls, which no one would have even thought about. Tears came out of what happened to the girl. You too watch this video, the whole thing will be understood by itself.

Watch the video..

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You might not even be able to control your laughter after watching the video. Whoever saw this video, she laughed. Although people were feeling pity for the girl, but she must have laughed more than that. Actually, you can see in it that two girls are trying to grab something under the tree with a cloth in their hand. Seeing what happened then, everyone’s eyes were torn apart.

Girl sitting holding her head

Two girls were moving around holding the cloth to grab the jackfruit. Just then a jackfruit falls on a girl’s head. She fails to catch, as soon as the jackfruit falls on her head, she sits holding her head and tears come out.

Seeing the condition of the poor girl, even the girl with her is unable to control her laughter. Her friend’s reaction is quite funny. After watching the video till the end, anyone will laugh. This funny video has also been uploaded on the Instagram page named are_bhaai, on which people are commenting fiercely.

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