Ex-Miss Universe wore such a dress without unde*rgarments, people said – ‘Have some shame’ – informalnewz

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Ex Miss Universe rocks without lingerie: Olivia paired her hot and stylish look with matching high heels and a brown bag. His headband also looked very beautiful. Fans gave tremendous reactions to the pictures shared one after the other on Sunday.

New York: Be it Miss World, Miss Universe or the woman who won the title of the most beautiful beauty of any country, every news related to her is taken immediately. People i.e. his fans follow his every style statement and movement. Some are able to speak their words by going close to them, while some definitely convey their words to them through social media.

Olivia came out without those clothes

In such a situation, when Miss America and Miss Universe beauty girl Olivia Culpo living in America were found in a strange dress without undergarments, all kinds of good and bad comments were showered on her.

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Some people admired her in the dress without lingerie, while some took it from My Body-My Choice and Gorgeous-Beautiful to Gandi Baat.

Ruckus on instagram

According to a report published in the Daily Star, when 29-year-old super hot Olivia Culpo posted pictures of her trip on social media, the internet was rocked. When she posted pictures of herself to her 5 million Insta followers, don’t ask what happened next. In fact, recently, when Olivia went out for dinner in a perfect fit music beige drawstring dress, her strange dress caught everyone’s attention.

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Millions of likes, comments and views in a matter of hours

Beauty Pageant Olivia teamed up her hot and stylish look with matching high heels and a brown bag. His headband was also looking quite awesome. On Sunday, his fans gave a tremendous response to the pictures shared one after the other. Describing it as a sexy post, people quickly rained likes, comments and shares. An Instagram follower said- Stunning. So other fans wrote that if I looked like you, I would have worn even less clothes. Some called her the queen and the rest called the dress tremendous.

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Trolls didn’t spared Miss Universe

It is not that all the followers of celebrities on social media write very well. Thousands of people also wrote dirty things about these pictures of Olivia. That is, in the meantime, not every fan was praising what the model was wearing in the pictures. People raised questions from Honey Bunny to his class. Similarly, a follower said, why bother to wear clothes? So a lot of people said- Oops! ‘Always these obscene clothes’.

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The picture came after this claim

In fact, a few days before this round of praise and criticism started, Olivia had said that an American Airlines employee had asked her to wear a blouse, calling her dress ugly. That’s why many of his fans are also justifying this post for him.

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