Elite Season 5 ending and Season 6 release!

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Fans can’t forget the ending of season 4 and can’t wait for season 5 to come out! Do you all remember how season 4 ended? Yes, Armando de la Ossa is dead which was a shocking ending for all fans to wait in suspense. However, the ending has made season 5 a must-watch for all the fans!

In April 2022 the latest season arrived and started with the New Year’s party. Where we all saw Rebeka, Samuel, and Guzman throwing their body of Armando into the lake.

As the fans were super excited to watch Season 5, filled full of twists and suspense. The consequence of Armando’s disappearance becomes clear. Season 5 left fans with numerous questions and explanations for which they were waiting.

Of course, there will be some consequences of the disappearance of Armando. Also, an ending that has many questions which are needed to be answered.

Elite season 5 release date and plot preview

On the 8th of April 2022, the 5th season of Elite was released. Also, the season had a scary ending then all were waiting for the next season. As the body is not yet found and there is a man who is stalking Mencia. As the policy is doing the investigation and yet they don’t take too long to reach Las Encinas in season 5. It will not take much time to find the missing corpse and some serious questions will start to take place!

Elite season 5 ending explained

As Omar finds the corpse in episode 4, however, he contacts Samuel. Planning something eventually they settle on calling the police. As the thought, there is no evidence proving that they are the ones who killed him. On the other hand, there was a SIM found by Mencia that had some important information that Armando and her father Benjamin had contacted each other. Which brought her a new thought thinking that Benjamin was the real killer behind it and not Guzman which was suggested at the end of season 4.

At Las Encinas, police start to ask questions and pressure it out on Samuel because of the statement he made earlier. The statement was that Armando would never be coming back. This statement made some points rise on him, that he might have participated in this mystery.
Looking at this Benjamin offered him a deal where the takes the blame for killing Armando. Then Benjamin will financially support him for the rest of his life. Giving it a thought he accepts the charge that he did the murder and takes the deal.

Further in the episodes Samuel is being charged with murder and waiting for Benjamin to remember his deal. Also waiting for his lawyer to speak to Benjamin about assuring him a shorter sentence. On the other hand, it is shown that Mencia reveals that she found a SIM card that has some important information about his contact with Armando. However, he explains that he was being blackmailed, which maybe gives him the motive to do Armando’s murder.

Some more details about the season

Mencia lets Benjamin delete the files in the SIM card but other she will also take something in exchange for this. She says you can delete the files in return you have to bail Samuel out of jail. But we all know that no one who is so determined on their words, Benjamin backtracks his word and will never bail Samuel out.

Mencia being smart has a copy of the card. And at the end of season 5, a copy of the SIM card is made which is kept with Samuel which is what Benjamin thinks.

On the other hand, Samuel wants to take the card to the policy however Benjamin calls and convinces him to come over to discuss the deal. In detail, this sent Samuel to Oxford University and get him a job in his own company.

Also, Samuel plays smart and rejects the offer but Benjamin had to do something so he throws himself at the teenager. Knocking him down to the ground where he slams his head into the floor before falling into the pool, which is shown in brief flash-forwards during the season.

The sad part for Benjamin was while he was doing this he arrived at the same time to have a look at what their father has done. Then Mencia calls the policy and Benjamin is arrested.

Samuel doesn’t die instantly he dragged out of the pool but he is stumbles before getting collapsed. Saying thanks for the severity of his injury leaves the whole cast in tears and leads to the ending of season 5.

Will there be a season 6?

Yes, it was already announced in October 2021 before season 5 was at the edge of release. In February the shooting for season 6 has even started. But you can say there is no release date out yet.

Without their father, Benjamin’s children have to live on their own. There must be many changes coming in at Las Encinas. As they need a new principle, now the fans have to wait for the makers to announce some details!

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