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The 32-second video has amassed 2,65,000 views, with 1,406 retweets and 160 comments on Twitter.

A jungle safari takes you close to nature, with full of flora. However, human intrusion into wild life and the experience can sometimes turn terrifying. In a new video posted by Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer Supriya Sahu, an angry tusker can be seen running towards a safari jeep. The video may send shivers down your spine.
The clip shows an elephant trumpeting out loud while chasing a safari jeep full of tourists. The video shows the driver of the jeep reversing the car promptly. After a few moments, when the tusker gives up and walks away into the wild, the tourists’ takes a sigh of relief. Along with the video, Ms Sahu wrote, “I am told this is in Kabini! Hats off to the driver deft handling of the situation with a cool mind is commendable. Source- shared by a friend.”

The 32-second video has amassed 2,65,000 views, with 1,406 retweets and 160 comments on Twitter. The video has left netizens terrified and some even appreciated the driver’s presence of mind. Other users talked about how encroaching the territory of the animals sometimes lead to such situations.

Check out the video here:

A user wrote, “Encroaching the territory of the animals will always lead to such situations which can be fatal. Why can’t they be left in peace as they don’t encroach the humans territory but we do always. The animals are always friendly with the tribal population who know their limits.” Another wrote, “Seriously the driver deserve for his calm and composure. The reaction of the guy sitting next to the driver.” “Yes. Amazing handling by the driver. Decades of experience with Jungle Lodges. This happened today. This elephant charged every vehicle. He was in full musth.”

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