Doraemon The Movie Underwater Adventure Hindi – Tamil – Telugu HD Download

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Doraemon Cartoon Movie Underwater Adventure Hindi Dubbed Download HD[Dual Audio]

Doraemon Cartoon Movie Underwater Adventure Full Movie HD

Doraemon New Movie Underwater Adventure Info:

Movie Title: Doraemon The Movie Nobita and the Castle of The Undersea Devil
Release Year: 1983 (HINDI Release 19 September 2020-Disney Channel India)
Quality: 1080p-720p
Language: Doraemon in HINDI + Japanese

Doraemon Underwater Adventure Full Movie Telugu Story:

While trying to decide where to spend three days of their summer vacation, Doraemon suggests Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo, and Jiyan an underwater adventure. While exploring the ocean, they end up discovering a civilization that has been avoiding contact with the surface nations for several thousand years.

The plot happens when the Bermuda Triangle is on the news. Meanwhile, Doraemon drawing and friends go camping after helping Nobita to finish his homework. They use an adaptation light to survive underwater, and an underwater buggy to commute. This buggy has feelings and likes Shizuka. Doraemon takes out a big tent that provides all their needs, and that night they have a barbecue, with Gian and Suneo wanting to go the Atlantic but disallowed by Nobita

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