Dance Video: To dance with the woman, there was a fight on the dance floor, so many kicks were punched, people said – marriage became memorable – Ajjplay

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This funny video of the wedding is overshadowed on social media at this time. In this video, people start fighting with each other on the dance floor to dance with a woman. Not only this, they also kick and punch each other.

New Delhi: Weddings in Bollywood movies are shown like a very fairy tale. The marriages shown in films are like this, after seeing which you will also feel like getting married. But let us tell you that such marriages are rarely seen in real life. If you see some videos of real life wedding, then you will surely be blown away by the wedding and all the rituals in it. In real life marriages, sometimes even fighting takes place and the fight is also unimaginable on this matter. We have brought one such viral video for you, after seeing which you will be surprised. Along with this, there will also be pain in your stomach while laughing.

This video on YouTube has been shared from Deep Kumar’s channel. In the video you can see that back to back songs are playing, on which people are dancing on the dance floor with fun. Pawan Singh’s famous song ‘Lagavelu Jab Lipistic’ is also playing in the background. People are swinging in fun on this song. After this, on the next song, a woman comes to dance on the dance floor, with which people fight with each other to dance. On the floor itself, two people start kicking and punching each other. During this, the woman is also seen defending the middle.

More than 21 lakh views have come on this video. People are giving their own funny reactions on this. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, “Wedding became memorable”. So another wrote, “I want this DJ for my wedding”. Many such funny reactions have come on this video.

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