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Chanakya Niti for Relationship: Chanakya Niti has told many important things about the relationship between husband and wife. One of these is that the wife deliberately hides some things from her husband.

Chanakya Niti for Wife: Acharya Chanakya has told many things related to practical life apart from diplomacy, economics, politics. It also includes important things related to the relationship of husband and wife and they are relevant even in today’s time. According to Chanakya Niti, every wife deliberately hides some things from her husband. She never tells this secret or secret to her husband and she does this to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife, for a better future. So that husband and wife can lead a happy married life.

Every wife hides this secret from her husband

  1. Every wife hides from her husband about the love life before marriage. She keeps it a secret for the rest of her life so that their married life is not under any doubt and they can live happily.
  2. The wife supports every decision of her husband despite not wanting it many times. She does not express her dissent openly so that the husband is happy and there is no dispute in the house.
  3. The wife also hides the wrong things of the members of the house from her husband, so that there are no quarrels in the house. She saves the peace of the house from being disturbed and handles matters on her own level.
  4. The wife is called the home minister of the house. She runs the house within the fixed budget and takes care of the needs of all the members. Even after all this, she keeps some money saved for difficult times. The wife never tells the husband about her savings, but when calamity strikes the family, she comes forward and helps in handling the situation.
  5. The wife hides her health problems so that the husband does not get upset because of it. As long as she is able to bear it, she never tells her husband about her illness or pain.

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