BTS: Taehyung Slow Dancing With Jungkook at PTD Las Vegas Concert

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BTS: Annyeonghaseyo Army! After that beautiful concert, we all are in a beautiful world imagining ourselves standing there and supporting them! With those beautiful pictures and videos that are coming out, can’t stop showering the magic on the Army! Every time there is a new picture out, all the conversation on the internet centers on that magical picture.

The aura of the concert is felt by those too who are sitting inside their homes and watching it through their electronic devices. There are. A glimpse that left the army speechless, one of those moments is Kim Taehyung goofing off on the stage of the Las Vegas concert on Permission to Dance.

BTS: Glimpse of the concert!

BTS: no one could lead better!
Leader like him! Source: twitter

On Friday, BTS made a blockbuster performance of Permission to Dance in a concert in Las Vegas. After Nah! The moment the concert started, social media started with a flood of pictures and videos of the band! This was also way back but when they were doing their rehearsals at Allegiant Stadium in the US. But that was  moment when the pictures and videos of the band flooded all over the Internet.

For a minute let’s focus on Kim Taehyung also known as V who danced with the fans. He was wearing a dark blue shirt with pants in grey color along with the look sunglasses.

Along with the whole gang, RM, J-hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga are on the stage practicing their dance for the real performance. The way all the artists looked with their outfits their fans were going mad, fans were making comments on their bias. There was a comment that came across was, “Kim Taehyung, you managed to take my breath away before the concert even started.” In this video Kim Taehyung was walking on the stage, smiling at the beautiful army’s in the crowd.

There was another video shared by the fans, the video has V grooving around the army. He noticed the group is standing and cheering for him, he started to nod and smile. This video was also shared on Twitter by the fan, giving it the caption, “Taehyung, you are so cool as always.”

Some moments fans can’t get over! 

Another jaw-dropping was shared by the fan where Kim Taehyung was playing with his messy hair. Fans looking at this so hypnotized by the love and attraction towards the artist. Sharing will this video the fan said, “Fighting for my life right now.”

However not only with the audience but also with the meme we got his goofy side out and with creating cute little moments. Supporting this by sharing a moment like this, when another member of BTS, J-hope started singing his verse from the song Dope, 2015. V was spotted doing a funny step and making the fans go crazy for this nature.

This funny and magical moment was also shared by the fans on the Internet. With the caption, “Being there is a great blessing. Lucky. I love Taetae’s cute moves when he sees ARMY. He is right to understand with his family ah such a happy place with BTS and ARMY.”

The moment where fans spotted the Taekook moment the fans again went crazy and mad over the stans. They both danced their way for a while on the stage which attracted all the fans their stans towards them. They both were already known for their chemistry. And then they did a short dance together and made the fans go crazy for them!

The band performed on the 8th – 9th of April, and now they will perform in the US city on April 15 and 16th.

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