Broke the bread with his mouth, then the school child without hands ate the food like this; Millions of people were in tears after watching the video – informalnewz

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School Boy Emotional Video Viral: A heart-melting video has surfaced in which a child without hands and fingers is shown doing daily tasks like a normal person.

School Kid Viral Video: There is no dearth of inspirational content on the internet where we often see people in strange situations, but they do not stop fighting. Whether it is from his life or in some difficult situation, only those who win by fighting become an inspiration for the people. One such heart-melting video has surfaced in which a child without hands and fingers is shown doing daily tasks like a normal person. In the clip shared on Twitter, a boy can be seen in a school uniform. The child is shown having lunch in the school canteen. A closer look reveals that both the hands of the child have been severed from below the elbow.

School children did not have hands, so they ate like this

Despite having no hands, the schoolboy uses his mouth and limbs to break the roti and then tries to eat it with his handicapped hands. Not only this, he tries to eat with a spoon through his handicapped hands and succeeds in eating his food. Millions of people became emotional after seeing the scene at the end of the video. Yes, that schoolboy doesn’t even have legs, but it doesn’t matter to him. Like ordinary children, he is also standing in the queue of the school and shouting slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai. During this, other children of the school can also be seen.

Many people became emotional after watching the video

The video has been viewed more than seven lakh times on Twitter and many people said that my tears came out after watching this video. One user wrote, ‘Nothing is impossible in life.’ Another user wrote, ‘This cute little boy is an inspiration to many people in this country. It melted my heart. The video seems to have inspired many. A third user wrote, ‘Just seeing this child will keep us inspired for the rest of our life.’ However, there were some who also suggested that child. One user wrote in the comment box, ‘The child should get prosthetics in future to reduce his struggle.’

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