Bride was going on the stage with a bouquet in her hand, something like this happened… watching the video will make you cry – Watch video – informalnewz

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Funny Video: A christian bride’s wedding video is going viral on social media. People are reacting loudly to this video.

Funny Wedding Video: Nowadays different types of videos keep appearing on social media. Sometimes you laugh and sometimes you cry. Any such video on social media goes viral very quickly, in which there is no acting but real incident. These days the wedding video of a Christian bride is becoming increasingly viral. It can be seen in the video that the bride walks towards the stage with a bouquet in her hand, when a man comes with a bouquet and collides with the bride.

Man collides with bride

The bride going on the stage after colliding with this person falls down. The video does not end here, as soon as the bride is picked up, after a while she again collides with the person and falls. This video is very much liked by social media users and is trending on YouTube.

Will be rolling after watching the video

This video has been shared by a channel named TG Films, people are getting a lot of comments on this video, seeing this video full of comedy, everyone’s stomach will start hurting with laughter.

This marriage is in discussion

Marriage always remains in discussion on memories, but if some strange incident happens in marriage, then such marriage becomes memorable forever. Especially if a video of such things is made, then that video cannot be saved from anyone. Discussion with social media fails in all, the marriage of Christian bride also remains a matter of discussion. This comedy video of marriage is being well-liked.

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