Bride herself reached to welcome the groom, the wedding procession was blown away by the style – watch video – informalnewz

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Dulhan Ka Dance: In this video you can see how as soon as the groom reaches the wedding venue, the bride herself comes to welcome him. Seeing the sight, you too will lose your heart.

Dulhan Ka Dance: Videos related to whether the wedding season is there or not are seen on social media at regular intervals. In these, sometimes the processions are seen making a splash and sometimes the bride and groom win the hearts of the guests with their attractive style. A similar video has just surfaced on social media which is related to the bride. In this video you can see that the bride reaches to dance in front of her groom. On seeing it, she starts dancing with a bang on the song ‘Saiyaan Superstar’. The groom also gets impressed by his style.

Beautiful dance of the bride

In this video that is going viral, you will see how the groom reaches the wedding venue along with the processions. The bride comes there and then welcomes the groom in such a way that he too is stunned. The bride dances brilliantly on the song ‘Saiyaan Superstar’. People keep staring at this style of his. Along with the bridesmaids themselves, the bride’s house also gets blown away by her style.

Bride’s splendid dance

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Wouldn’t have seen a warmer welcome than this

The kind of reception the groom is getting in this video is not usually seen in a wedding. This wedding video has been uploaded on Instagram account named photoshoot_wedding. This video has got thousands of views so far. Along with this, people are also reacting fiercely on this.

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