Bride Groom Video: In front of the groom, the lover filled the vermilion in the bride’s demand, then what happened – watch the video – Ajjplay

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Premi Premika Ka Video: It can be seen that the bride’s lover suddenly reached the stage and filled vermilion in the demand of the bride. Seeing this act of his, the senses of all the people present around were blown away.

Dulha Dulhan Ka Video: In the age of social media, it is always difficult to say when what comes in front of sight. This is a platform where a large number of videos are uploaded every day. Some of them make a splash as soon as they come and are seen for a long time. Although the video that has just surfaced might surprise you. The video is related to the marriage in which the bride and groom are present on the stage. Rituals related to marriage are being completed. But in the meantime such an incident happened which no one would have guessed. This video related to marriage is being seen fiercely on different platforms.

Suddenly the lover of the bride came

It can be seen that the bride and groom are standing on the stage and the rituals related to marriage are being completed. In this, the cameraman is recording the wedding and the women are humming traditional songs. The bride is putting flowers on the groom. But suddenly the bride’s ‘Aashiq’ came on stage. Whatever he did in the next second blew everyone’s senses. In fact, as soon as the person came on the stage, he immediately filled the vermilion in the demand of the bride. This is one scene in the frame that shook everyone.

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The video has also been uploaded on Instagram on a page named gieddee. Also the caption was given – The girlfriend told the lover to come in the middle of my marriage and apply vermilion. The lover did exactly the same. But the girlfriend did not tell what to do after that? After the sindoor scandal, the girl’s family members beat up the lover. The boy is in the hospital, complaints were given in the police station from both sides.

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