Bride did such a dance together with her sister, seeing the expression, the father cried – watch video – informalnewz

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Girls Dance Video: In this video it can be seen that the bride comes on stage with her for dance performance. But here she does such a thing that everyone becomes emotional.

Girls Dance Video: Different videos of dance are seen a lot on social media. Sometimes the dance videos of the bride and groom and sometimes the dance videos of children and youth make a splash. Most of the dance videos related to weddings are seen only. Now again the video of this episode has surfaced, in which the bride is seen doing a wonderful dance on the stage with her sister. During this, his performance was so great that all the guests keep gazing at him. Many people also become emotional.

Best dance of the bride

In this video going viral, you can see how the bride and her sister come on stage to perform their dance. Then on seeing, she dances with the best expression in such a way that people are unable to take their eyes off. During this, both are seen dancing on the songs ‘Papa Kehte Hai’ and ‘Dilbaro’.

Bride’s splendid dance

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Guest also became emotional

The way the bride and her sister are doing a great dance and giving a special message. Seeing him, all the relatives present in the hall became emotional for a moment. The father of the bride could not even stop his tears. This video related to marriage has been uploaded on Instagram account named navikproductionsandanavis1201. Till now it has also got thousands of views.

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