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Bride Groom Indian: A couple has taken people by surprise. Such a video is going viral on social media, after seeing which everyone was surprised that what kind of pair is this.

Bride Groom Video: Such people say that the marriage of any person is not in their hands, it is decided where God has written. Whether it is the perfect couple or the difference in age, everyone gets their partner with great luck. One such pair has surprised people. Such a video is going viral on social media, after seeing which everyone was surprised that what kind of pair is this. Often you must have seen such a pair of bride and groom, who would have had a slight age gap, but the video that went viral on social media got people thinking.

The bride told the elder I love you and then

In the beginning of the video that is going viral on social media, you will see that a bride is smiling and saying I LOVE YOU to the elderly person next to her, whom all the grooms are telling in the video. Although, it is not confirmed that this couple is the bride and groom but seeing the video, something similar seems to be happening. As soon as the beautiful bride said I LOVE YOU to the elderly groom sitting next to her, the elderly also turned back and said I love you. There was a smile on both of their faces and they were looking happy with the marriage.

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People gave such reactions after watching the video

People were surprised when the bride kissed on the forehead of the elderly man after saying I love you. Yes, after this in the video you will see a meme in which a person jumps into the water while running. A text is written above the video – I am completely alone. This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named couple_official_page. Many people are giving their own reaction on this video. One user wrote, ‘Oh Lord, now take an avatar’. At the same time, another user wrote, ‘What am I seeing. So many bad days are coming.

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