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Bride Video: A video is going viral on social media. The wedding ceremony is seen in the video. In the wedding ceremony, the bride is unable to control the joy of coming to the procession and starts doing an interesting work in front of all the guests.

Bride Viral Dance Video: In weddings, the bride and groom, the wedding procession, guests, friends and relatives all enjoy a lot. The funniest thing in a wedding is the dance of all of them. However, the bride and groom remain in the limelight throughout the function. Their dance is considered the most special in the ceremony. Nowadays, a similar video of the bride’s dance is being seen and liked a lot on social media. Let us tell you that the bride does this dance on the arrival of the groom and the bridegrooms. Seeing the bride dancing like this in the viral video, it seems that she is fully enjoying this most special day of her life.

The bride was seen dancing on the song ‘Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye…’

The viral video is of a wedding ceremony. It can be seen in this that a bride is dressed in a pink and red color lehenga. She is looking quite beautiful. On both sides of the wedding guests and other people are standing. The bride is unable to control the joy of coming to the procession and starts doing a tremendous dance (Bride Viral Dance Video) in front of all the guests. She wins everyone’s heart with her dance. In the video, the bride is seen dancing to the song ‘Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye…’ from the film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. The groom is sitting on a horse and the bride is dancing pointing towards her.

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This video has been shared on Instagram with the name _weddings_pictures. The video is going viral fast. Netizens are very fond of it. The video has been viewed more than 1 lakh times so far. At the same time, more than 4 thousand people have liked the video. Social media users are also giving their feedback fiercely on this video. Also sharing it a lot.

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