BLOODLUST LYRICS – Sidhu Moose Wala, Mr. Capone | No Name

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Aye sidhu moose wala!


Ho toot tabbi de ton uddan gaddaran ni

Toot tabbi de

Tabbi de ton uddan gaddaran

Ni jadon jatt fire karda, karda karda

Ho moose di na tappe phirni ni koi darrda

Pind di na tappe phirni ni koi darrda

Koi darrda, koi darrda

Tote udaa denge tote singh phasa ke dekho

Ho sada taakde di hikk wich

Vajjeya ni sada taakde

Taakde di hikk wich vajjeya ni

Maahda na koi side kaddeya

Kaddeya, kadeya

Jeyon burfi de piece mithiye

Ni banda vaddeya

Banda vaddeya haye banda vaddeya

Brown mundas in gundas death roll records

Parivaar chauwkidar chestnut checkers

Letters chittiya 12 bore’an who me

Capone with tatto you can’t stop me

Chabhi is cokeen baahle aa shaukeen

For california’s streets with the ogs

Tupac snoop dawg call me compose me

Connected worlwide yoga with my punjabi

Suiye labhde phiran sirnawe ni

Suiye labhde

Labhde phiran sirnawe

Ni gabru di life risky

Risky, risky

Raatan nu jaago phire

Kad’di ni chitti gypsy

Chitti gypsy, chitti gypsy

12 saalan bandook no flew just shoot

I’m in the newsest in the game

Call up the truth

Bazook, ak I fear no army

Listen to my kahaani badmash haraami

King to a rani lage tanashahi

I’m keep it all good then I started badmashi

Kalari when it comes to my mohalla

We sheild no kills and I’m slice galla

Ho sadda lekhan ch kacheriye thaane

Ho sadda lekhan ch kacheriye thaane ni

Sadde lekhan ch

Lekhan ch kacheriye thaane

Life saddi hundi ghat ni, ghat ni

Ho anakh naal jyo ke zindagi

Challeya jatt ni

Challeya jatt ni, challeya jatt ni

Sidhu moose wala!


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