Bleach A Thousand Year Blood War Arc Scheduled For October 2022 Release!

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Alright, let’s face it, we all kind of jumped up in the air from excitement when the announcement of Bleach A Thousand-year Blood War came. I mean 8 years is too fricking long a wait, many of us thinking that we might never be able to see the crown jewel of shounen get a deserving end.

However, just when all hopes were lost Studio Pierrot gave all of us a big heart attack announcing that the show will once again commence and finally finish what it had started. The bleach anime ended with the full bringer arc with Ichigo finally getting his powers back, when Rukia stabs him with the blade enforced with the soul energy of all the 12 captains and herself, returning his shinigami powers to him once again.

Image: Pierrot

However, the fans of the manga all know, that if we thought that the Arrancar arc was scary then just wait till the Quincy war arc begins and it is here ladies and gentlemen it is finally here!

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The studio pierrot just recently released a teaser trailer of the series, giving the fans a rush of nostalgia with a very old soundtrack from the series which I’m sure left people like me teary-eyed. Not to mention, the teaser trailer highlighted Ichigo’s new form, his friends, and let’s just forget everything else and swoon over HITSUGAYA’S ADULT FORM!

Image: Pierrot

That’s right, the captain of the 10th division Hitsugaya Toshiro who in the Bleach anime is mostly teased for being a kid and being short in height even though he’s a captain will finally reveal his powers, all the while becoming more handsome than most ladies can take.

The Thousand-Year Blood War arc will also show us the true Bankai form of Benihime, Urahara Kisuke’s true form, and one of my favorite characters and will reveal just how terrifying he can truly become.

Image: Pierrot

The teaser trailer ended with giving the fans a much-needed scheduled date of 10.2022 and everyone is going absolutely crazy about it. I don’t care how many Attack On Titan fans might call AOT season 4 one of the most anticipated animes of 2022, for me Bleach The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc takes the utmost priority! So If you once again want to scream “Bankai!” then make sure to keep your seat belts on because I’m absolutely positive that this year is going to be one hell of a ride!


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