Attack On Titan The Final Season Episode 2 Will Eren And Zeke Begin The Rumbling?

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The Attack On Titan final season, if getting more and more gut-wrenching by the episode, and for good reason. In the last episode, we saw Marley finally landing down on shiganshina, ready to steal the founding titan from eren with Reiner as the head man.

In episode, 2 however, things have taken quite a turn, with eren being saved in the nick of time by his older brother Zeke who begins launching a full-throttle counter-attack on Marley, destroying their ships, much like he destroyed the survey corps in season 3.

Meanwhile, Armin convinces everybody that as bleak as it may sound Eren and Zeke are the only ones who could save Eldians and ultimately paradis island and they must cooperate with them. Therefore, all of them head over to the scene to give the assist. However, Marley’s force is too many, and not to mention they have 3 titans, actively throwing artillery and attacks at them!


The episode then shifts on Falco and the other prisoners who are released and form a battalion to protect the Shiganshina District. The military commander Nile, tells Falco that Marleyans must have come to save him, but Falco knows that his life isn’t worthy enough that Marley would send an army. After drinking Zeke’s spinal fluid, every prisoner knows that it’s just a matter of time till they turn, one scream is enough for them all to turn into titans.

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However, Falco’s elder brother and gabi get on the scene to save him, and after spotting them Nile escorts Falco to his family. After seeing Nile’s reaction, and seeing how Sasha’s family is also free and overhearing them talking about how they wish ben and mia (Falco and gabi) are alright, gabi realizes that there are no devils on the paradis islands and that it was all made up.


Falco then confesses to gabi that he loves her and the only reason why he joined the corps was to try and prevent her from inheriting the armored titan so that she could live a long and happy life with him. Gabi obviously shocked tears off his black wristband. Colt then tells them that they must head over to Zeke’s location and tell him that Falco drank his spinal fluid which might prevent him from screaming.

Zeke, although successful in destroying the ships, is hit by anti-titan artillery by the cunningness of Pieck and falls on the ground, with his nape wide open, the military commander knows that if he has even a bit of life left he will scream and turn the tides completely. The episode ends with the colt, Falco, and gabi making their way towards Zeke’s location as the fallen Zeke is about to launch the scream.

Inferences and What To Expect Next


I think it is clear to everyone now what Eren’s true motives are. He along with Zeke wants to unleash the power of the founding titan and begin the rumbling, that is to wake up every 50 m giant titan embedded in the wall and launch them towards his enemies. We all know that a 50 m titan although slow is indestructible with enough capability of crushing the entire world.

Episode 2 shows a flashback where Eren tells Mikasa and Armin that if they kill all the enemies across the sea, will they finally be free? After living for over 100 years in captivity, constantly fearing for their lives, living a life of hardship, poverty, and uncertainty eren wants to give the Eldians a chance, to be free. But he knows, that as long as the world, keeps calling them Eldians their perspective of them being monsters will never change.

However, is he really doing the right thing? Giving up his friends, making them hate him, willing to cross any lines to achieve his goal? What is eren thinking? And is Levi really dead, or does he still have some part to play in this ending? To find out the answers make sure to stay tuned for the attack on titans the final season episode 3 coming out next week on 23rd January 2022!

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