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Series Info

Show Name: Arjun Prince Of Bali

Season No: 02

Total Episodes: 26

Genre: Adventure | Action | Comedy

Language: Hindi + Tamil + Telugu (Multi Audio)

Duration: 12 Minutes (Each Episodes)

Size: 588-600MB (Each Episodes)

Quality: 1080p DSNP WEB-DL


Credit: TheDNK


Arjun, The Prince of Bali has to go on a journey along with his friends and his pet tiger Zimbu to find the seven pieces of a magical sword, the only weapon that can defeat the Evil Hiranya who has captured his kingdom and parents.

All Episodes List!!

S02E01 – Fireworks at Diwali [600.3 MB]

S02E02 – A Royal Feast and a Petty Thief [581.79 MB]

S02E03 – Hungry Wrestlers and a Melting Kingdom [584.96 MB]

S02E04 – A Day of New Discoveries [587.92 MB]

S02E05 – Making New Friends [585.59 MB]

S02E06 – Havoc at the Kite Festival [586.64 MB]

S02E07 – The Hawks Wreack Havoc [584.48 MB]

S02E08 – A Cacophonous Kid and an Adventurous Tooth Fairy [585.68 MB]

S02E9 – Khojos Big Dream and a Persian Sultan [585.49 MB]

S02E10 – A Hidden Kingdom and the Lightning Weapon [586.38 MB]

S02E11 – Minister in a Box and a Mysterious Fortress [587.62 MB]

S02E12 – Fire and Ice [587.21 MB]

S02E13 – Dragon and the Danger [589.03 MB]

S02E14 – A Magical Thread and a Monster on the Loose [585.83 MB]

S02E15 – Khojo the Captain and a Unicorn Pet [588.12 MB]

S02E16 – Thieves on the Loose [586.5 MB]

S02E17 – A Thin Wall and An Evil Illusionist [596.85 MB]

S02E19 – Aliens and Demons [587.08 MB]

S02E19 – Aliens and Demons [587.08 MB]

S02E20 – Bali in Danger [587.03 MB]

S02E21 – Revenge Looms Over Bali [587.75 MB]

S02E22 – A Game of Chess and Babirusas Looming Threat [591.33 MB]

S02E23 – A Fiery Holi [587.67 MB]

S02E24 – Monsters Attack Bali [587.4 MB]

S02E25 – The Immortal King and a Fierce Duel [587.84 MB]

S02E26 – A Tornado Demon and a Pirate Princes Attack [588.9 MB]

Season 02 Completed, Enjoy!!

Note: Don’t worry guys, currently we’re encoding it’s all episodes in HEVC which takes time. So for now you may watch online, and in 1-2 days all episodes would be ready with its lower sizes and negligible quality loose.

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