Ameesha Patel showed hotness at the age of 46 wearing two pieces on the beach, fans watching the video again and again – informalnewz

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Ameesha Patel: As soon as Amisha Patel shared the middle video on social media, it went viral on sight. In this video, Amisha was seen adding a temper of hotness.

Ameesha Patel Video: Ameesha Patel, who played the role of a simple girl in the film ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’, has become quite bo*ld over time. The hotness of bo*ldness on this actress has increased so much that she is not even taking the name of landing. Every day Amisha Patel shares such bo*ld videos on social media that it becomes necessary to take care of privacy before playing it. At the same time, Ameesha Patel has shared another video. In this video, the actress is seen walking on the beach wearing a two-piece. Seeing this video of the actress, there is panic on social media.

Was seen flaunting on the beach of Bahrain

Ameesha Patel is seen flaunting on the beach of Bahrain in the latest video. The actress is wearing a sky blue color two-piece and she is seen facing the camera with her back. At the same time, in this video of the actress, the view of the sunset looks so beautiful that it will be difficult to take your eyes off it.

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Wreaking havoc

In this video, even though Ameesha Patel did not show her face in front of the camera, she was definitely seen running knives on the hearts of people with her style. To complete her look, Amisha kept her hair open and wore black goggles which is making her look even more attractive.

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Tehelka creates bo*ldness with video

Ameesha Patel keeps sharing more than one bo*ld video on social media. In these videos, Amisha Patel is sometimes seen wearing a bo*ld dress and making a video call to the fans, and sometimes wearing a bikini is seen shooting a bo*ld video. It is sure that every single video of Amisha sets social media on fire.

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