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Abha Paul is a popular Indian film actress and model. She was born on 7 August 1989 in a small town of Mumbai. Abha Paul has been associated with modeling and acting since 2005. Abha Paul has acted in many popular Hindi films and webseries. In this article we will mention the names of movies and webseries starring popular actress Abha Paul.

Mast Ram

The story is of a writer named Rajaram in the 1980s. She loves to write books and earns her living by selling them. But people don’t read the books written by her. Because people get bored reading what she writes.One day she was desperate and met a friend and told her own friend why she was sad.

And that friend took the writer to a cinema hall and showed her a beautiful love movie and told the writer that nowadays people like to watch these things. So you write them down. Later, the author began writing stories as told to her by a friend, and her books became as popular as she wanted.

Gandi Baat

Gandi Baat is one of the most popular Hindi language webseries in India. This popular webseries was launched by ALTBalaji ott platform. The webseries was directed by Sachin Mohit.Aabha Paul, Anveshi Jain and other actresses acted in this Gandii Baat webseries. Each episode of the popular webseries features love stories from rural India.

Kaumasurta 3D.

Kaumasurta 3D is a popular Indian Movie. The film was released in 2012 and starred Abha Paul.The movie Kaumasurta 3D stars Aabha Paul and many other popular actresses and actors.The film is directed by Rupesh Paul. Kaumasurta 3D starring Abha Paul was screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Lolita PG House Part 1.

Lolita PG House Part 1 is the popular webseries of the Kuku app. Lolita PG House Part 1 webseries starring Abha Paul. Lolita PG House Part 1 webseries is about a beautiful lady named Lolita. Lolita is a single woman, because Lolita has no husband. Lolita starts PG to earn money. But doing business like this is not an easy task for a single woman.

Lolita acquired a different kind of intelligence to be successful in her business. What intelligence did Lolita acquire that made her successful in business! You can visit Lolita PG House Part 1 of the Kooku App on the internet to know.

Hi taubba

Tauba is a very popular webseries starring Abha Paul. If you want to watch Taubah webseries starring Abha Paul, you can watch it on Alt Balas app with the help of internet.

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