Ryman’s Club Anime Scheduled For January 2022!

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Life is tough, undoubtedly. While growing up, each and every one of us has some dreams, dreams that grow bleaker and bleaker as we begin growing up, and by the time we’re an adult, the harsh reality of the world and the rat race proves to us that in this life, dreaming and wishing simply isn’t enough.

However, wouldn’t it be just great if you got to reignite that light of passion in your heart once again? Wouldn’t it be just amazing if someone gave you an option to pursue something you love without any consequences? One of the shows which is all about reliving our big dreams titled Ryman’s Club will be sure to fill your heart up and will absolutely give you the boost to try and relive the life of your dreams!


Ryman’s club is the upcoming original anime series created by none other than LIDEN FILMS which will highlight the life of a bunch of salarymen who reignite their passion for sports, especially badminton!

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The show will highlight the contradictory life of player Mikoto Shiratori, who after losing bitterly in an inter-high badminton championship now spends his days working a job in a big corporation. Ryman’s club will show Mikoto’s dynamic with his colleagues and prove that it’s never too late to go after your dreams. Will Mikoto ever be able to get over his trauma, will he find his love for badminton once more? Do not forget to watch Mikoto’s life and his decisions which are soon going to premiere on your screen as the Ryman’s club is all set to get released on the 23rd of January, 2022!


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